Election Intelligence – Collection of Electoral Dashboards

“Joe the Plumber”, “Tina Fey”, “Sarah Palin”, “Obama” and “Mccain”, What do they have to do with Dashboards?

Apparently nothing, but they are the talk of this season, thats right, its Election season and with so many interesting things turning around every day there got to be a better way to track some elements of this election season.

With only few days to election, Mr Verma of MyXcelsius.com has sent us these amazing collection of Election dashboards. For a moment, if you squint your eyes, they all just blur into red and blue colors.

Ofcourse, the only important gadget of these dashboards is the “map of USA”.

You can click on each of the thumbnails and go directly to the dashboards

This is truly a Dashboard of Dashboards!

To get a share of the Election Limelight, Mr Verma has developed his own version of the election dashboard (number 12, bottom right)

This is a brief description about how i built it. Many Xcelsius developers should be able to understand. As you can see i used the USA Map component and i carefully placed the icon components over each state (Tedious work Phew…). The reason for the icons was to allow the user to click on a state and insert the relevant value in the cell corresponding to the State. I set Alerts for the states so that they display Red or Blue depending on the value inserted by the icon. The rest of the calculator is simple label components and other basic Xcelsius stuff. Most of the time was spent on the overall look and feel of the calculator

With so much Intelligence around, we better pick the right candidate this time 🙂
























Update: Google has released a new web site to help simply and centralize information about voting locations and voter registration.

Google found it hard to believe that in 2008, this type of important information isn’t better organized on the web. Because organizing info is what Google is all about, they took it on themselves to step in where government has not and have created an incredibly useful site for all U.S. citizens.
The U.S. Voter Site

The U.S. Voter Info site was developed in partnership with with several state and local election officials, the League of Women Voters, the Pew Charitable Trusts, and others involved in the Voting Information Project. In true Google form, the site appears to as just a simple interface that hides the complicated data processing going on in the back-end. All you have to do to use the new site is enter in your home address in the box provided and click “Search.”

: Check Official Google Blog: Greater access to voting information

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