2010 Black Friday Deals Dashboard by InetSoft

Black Friday is THE shopping calendar event, when shoppers take to the stores to avail of incredible bargains and offers. However it can be difficult to plan your shopping effectively – with so many deals, how do you know where to start? Can you even keep track of all of the sales that are taking place? This is where the Black Friday Deals Dashboard comes in.

A Dashboard is a business intelligence tool, which is widely used by businesses and organisations for a multitude of tasks, from performance analysis to HR management. Dashboards specialise in taking lots of data and presenting it in a useful and interactive way, and this is exactly the kind of tool a true Black Friday bargain hunter really needs.

Don’t be put off if this applications sounds complex, in reality it is anything but. It clear and easy-to-use layout means that it is intuitive and straightforward to operate. Is there a certain item that you absolutely must have? If so, you can use the Black Friday Deals Dashboard to find the best deals or the closest stores that have it in stock. Or is there a certain store or brand that you particularly adore? Again the dashboard’s filters can show you what offers are available, as well as links to product pages on the stores’ websites.

You can also use this dashboard to find the nearest stores of a particular franchise, allowing you to shop by retailer. Further filtering options include searching by price or by coupon. And of course you can narrow down your offers by date, availing of offers on Black Friday, Thanksgiving and related dates. When you have put your plan together, simply export the results to Excel or a PDF file. They can then be printed out to be used throughout your shopping spree. The Black Friday Deals Dashboard is completely free of charge, and can be accessed here.