3 More Free Chart Libraries for Dashboards

Previously we looked at three free Javascript charting libraries that can be very useful in creating the charts and graphs for a dashboard. In this post I will continue with that approach and examine three more examples of this software:

  • Raphael Javascript Library
  • TufteGraph
  • Emprise Javascript Charts

Raphael Javascript Library:

Raphael is a desktop-based library that must first be downloaded before it can be used. Once this has been done, the library should be included into your HTML page so that you can use it to work with vector graphics online. The Raphael Javascript Library functions in Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 3+. Chrome 5+, Opera 9.5+ and Safari 3+. Some of the key features of this product include:

  • free icons
  • online discussion group
  • vector graphic editing
  • graphic design using SVG W3C Recommendation and VML as a base.
  • each object is a DOM object, meaning that they can be modified and JavaScript event handlers can be attached to them.

You can download Raphael Javascript Library at http://raphaeljs.com/ .


TufteGraph is another Javascript charting engine, which creates graphs using jQuery. TufteGraph functions in Firefox 3+ and Safari 3+, other browsers have not yet been tested. It is important that anyone trying to use this charting engine has downloaded and installed jQuery and the jQuery enumerable plugin. Some of the main features of this software include:

  • code is only used for core layout. The remainder is done using CSS.
  • dynamic functions are used to configure graphs, which results in a compact API.

You can download TufteGraph at http://xaviershay.github.com/tufte-graph/ .

Emprise Javascript Charts:

Emprise Javascript Charts is available to paying customers, however a free account can also be setup with slightly limited features. This application is a highly effective and detailed charting tool, which functions on just about all browsers, on both Windows and Mac. Some of the many features include:

  • interactive web charts
  • automatic axis scaling and automatic zooming and scrolling
  • multiple charts can be combined and stacked in series
  • data can be imported from XML sources, with on-the-fly real time uploads
  • no plugins
  • customisable in almost every way

You can download Emprise Javascript Charts at http://www.ejschart.com/index.php .

Sample Stacked Chart