$40,000 Dashboard | Washington Transportation Improvement Board

The Washington Transportation Improvement Board is a special-purpose government agency, not part of the state department of transportation, that gives grants to local governments to fund transportation projects. It serves all cities from Seattle to the smallest towns. The board’s revenue is derived from the state gasoline tax.

The WTIB’s data dashboard is a critical aspect of program management for the agency, used for all of its ongoing programs. It has enabled the agency to turn around its performance since the day, seven years ago, that WTIB was told by the legislature that it would receive no further funding until its management was improved and its backlog cleared up.

WTIB developed and built its dashboard project completely in house at a cost of $40,000. It came on line in 2004, and has since been expanded through the use of Google maps, which give employees aerial and street-level views of ongoing projects. It is used to monitor road conditions, allowing the color coding of roads or projects, so staff are alerted to those most in need of help.





You can view this dashboard real time at WTIB dashboard

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