Adventure Works Financial Dashboard from Dundas

This is an example of a financial dashboard that has been developed by Dundas for a fictitious company named Adventure Works. This company specialises in cycling equipment and clothing, and its financial dashboard has been designed to provide a highly detailed breakdown of its day-to-day operations.

This dashboard has a number of tabs, providing a range of charts and data analysis options. The Home tab provides an overview of sales figures for the entire company. A global chart displays worldwide sales, with a colour coded scale representing the volume of sales in each region. A series of trend lines breaks down the overall sales into various categories, such as Internet and Reseller sales figures. This chart allows the user to determine which aspects of the business are performing well, and which sales categories are showing a decrease in figures.

An extremely useful chart at the bottom of the home page focuses on Supply & Demand. This provides a list of products with orders pending. It displays how many of each item has been ordered, how many are in stock and the sales amount. There is also a column for the expected level of demand. Each of these products is marked with a symbol that indicates whether there is a sufficient supply, whether restocks are required or whether there is a shortage.

It is also possible to use this dashboard to examine the sales figures pertaining to specific products. Through the Product tab it is possible to select a particular item and to then view its data. The cost of the item, it’s market value and profit margin are all visible, as are past sales figures relating to sales and purchases.

Dundas Financial Dashboard