AmerisourceBergen Pharmacy Performance Dashboard from Microstrategy

Amerisource Bergen are a pharmaceutical service company which is considered to be one of the largest in the world. Together with Microstrategy they have developed a dashboard that analyses all of the major aspects of a pharmacy’s performance. This dashboard has been made available to over 5,000 pharmacies worldwide, in order to help them better monitor their operations.

The Amerisource Bergen Pharmacy Performance Dashboard is a typical performance dashboard in that it focusses on KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators. However it also features a number of data sets dealing with customer demographics, which is of course invaluable to a service organisation such as a pharmacy. This dashboard is also designed to be very simple to use and to understand and therefore does not aim to impress visually. The same simple chart layout is used throughout the dashboard, indicating how each category has performed in comparison with other pharmacies. For example the Average Price chart indicates that the pharmacy in question is within the >0% range. This is reinforced by the stoplight signs included with each data set, giving conclusive analysis of each chart.

This dashboard is highly detailed and includes a wide range of data. An analysis of gender, age and even payment type is provided, allowing pharmacies to see how their data varies against the mean.

Microstrategy AmerisourceBergen Pharmacy Performance Dashboard