Angry Geek Dashboard

At DashboardZone,

we just don’t provide with quality Dashboard reviews,

we just don’t provide with bland KPI and metric definitions

but our goal is to go beyond a simple publication on BI and Dashboards. True to our beliefs and goals, we plan on releasing a workable Dashboard and reporting solutions for the common person, the small business and most importantly solutions that are practical and possibly either open sourced or free or priced at a fraction of what you would are expected to pay at big shops.

One such solution we released last year was a “dashboard to monitor blogging goals”. If you are a serious blogger then there are high chances you are using wordpress and if you are using wordpress then you got to try this free plugin for wordpress

Over this one year, we have seen several wordpress users adopt this plugin and got several feedback on enhancements to this plugin. We never actually got to update the plugin with new enhancements but we are working on something more and extremely useful. We are working on a brand new reporting and dashboard platform that would be easy to develop and use with. It is going to be a very modest thing in the beginning but I am sure a very interesting offering. I can’t reveal any more details right now.

That was a sweet tangent off our original content intended for this article.

This week we stumbled across this Angry Geek dashboard


The angry geek is effectively monitoring the blogging goals using our modestly popular wordpress plugin.

If you have something related or ideas on monitoring stuff that you care about, We would be glad to hear from you.

To sweeten the deal further, if you are using the above mentioned plugin, let us know the url and we will publish the link on our website.