Arcplan Enterprise’s Product Dashboard

The dashboard pictured below is a sales and product based dashboard from Arcplan Enterprise. It has been designed to allow users to view financial reports of sales performance for selected products.

This dashboard is composed of three primary sections. The main section is a large table, which is somewhat unusual for dashboards of this kind, which tend to be more chart based. The bottom two sections of the dashboard contain a pie chart and a column chart respectively, created using attractive 3D graphics. The table in the centre of the dashboard displays Profitability Ranking by Product, which is one of a series of filters that can be applied to the data. The table then features a list of various products, with a range of additional data such as Revenue and Net Profit. These figures are supplied on a Quarter To Date and Year to Date basis.

The pie chart in the lower quadrant of the dashboard displays products by profit, and has color coded segments to indicate the performance of each product category. The exact sales figures are also visible on the pie chart itself. Finally the column chart displays Net Profit Actual versus Net Profit Budgeted. These columns are grouped by product, with a two columns attached to each product, so that a direct comparison can be made between these two data sets.

The Arcplan Enterprise’s Product Dashboard has full drill down and filtering capabilities. More information on this dashboard and the software behind it can be found here.