Attensity Las Vegas Hotel Performance Dashboard

The Las Vegas Hotel Performance Dashboard from Attensity is designed to showcase the business intelligence software developed by this group. This software is employed by a number of well known and hugely successful companies, including Siemens, Travelodge, Citigroup and Whirlpool.

The Las Vegas Hotel Performance Dashboard is designed to perform competitive analysis. It directly compares customer feedback in relation to the user’s hotel with that provided by customers of competing hotels in the area. In this way the user is give an instant overview and detailed analysis of his or her property’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison with other locations.

In order to obtain customer reviews, Attensity’s business intelligence application scans hotel booking sites such as TripAdvisor and Travelocity. It then compiles the data it obtains into a straightforward dashboard that uses a combination of charts. A horizontal bar chart provides a comparative display of Net Advocacy, showing a selection of Las Vegas hotels. This gives an up-to-date overview of the current standings. Below this chart users can see a trend chart of Net Advocacy. Like all the charts on this dashboard it can be filtered to give a historical comparison of advocacy for various hotels. A detailed bar chart follows, providing Gap Assessments for a number of hotel services. The categories of Dining, Pool, General Opinions, Room/Suite Experience and Service are all included, and allow users to see how various hotels were rated in these areas. Finally there is a product drill down chart, reflecting Net Advocacy ratings for various features of the hotel.

This dashboard has a number of tabs, displaying Sources, Product analysis etc. which provides a very detailed overview of comparative hotel performance.

Hotel Performance Dashboard