Australia Flooding Dashboard from Esri Australia

Esri Australia have compiled three dashboards to reflect the affects of the extensive flooding in the Brisbane area. Each of these dashboards focuses on a different aspect of the floods and the various media reports relating to them, but some are more effective than others. The dashboards include a Response Map, a Latest News Map, and a Trends Map.

The Latest News Map is a useful and entertaining application which displays social media posts concerning the floods based on location. It features YouTube videos, Tweets, Flickr and Ushahidi social network posts. These results can be filtered by application or by time. The Trends Map gives a conclusive overview of various disaster related alerts in the Brisbane area. The filtering options include Property Damage, Roads Affected, Evacuations, Power Outages and Help/Services. The map itself can be altered to show a detailed street map, a topographic map, or satellite imagery, with full zooming capabilities.

The weakest dashboard in this collection is most definitely the Response Map. There is no key to this map and it is extremely cluttered and difficult to interpret. Common sense dictates that the blue areas on the map indicate flooding, however there are a number of red squiggles and shapes drawn across the display which go unexplained. Once you zoom in, flood defenses become apparent on the map, but again these symbols are open to interpretation. You can access the Esri dashboards here.