NetCharts Financial Dashboard from Visual Mining

NetCharts Performance Dashboards are desktop based applications that come in three packages, Excel Edition, Desktop Edition and Enterprise Edition. As indicated by the name, the Excel Edition accesses data stored in Excel files only. The Desktop Edition is designed for individual use and the Enterprise Edition will function over a group server. Some features you … Read more

3 Free Chart Libraries For Building Dashboards

There are a range of free Javascript charting applications that can be used to create dashboards. Below is a selection of five of the most common and most useful applications of this kind. ProtoChart ProtoChart is an opensource library that is based on Flot, Plotkit and Flotr libraries. It creates charts using Prototype and Canvas. … Read more

More Free Javascript Charting Engines

Continuing the series of free Javascript charting engines, we will look at Emprise Javascript Charts jQuery Google Charts Emprise Javascript Charts: Emprise JavaScript Charts is a desktop-based charting engine. There is a variety of licences available for this product, including a free option, and it has been tested to work on most browsers, including iPhone, … Read more

KPI Dashboard using Analyzer from Strategy Companion

This is a KPI Dashboard that has been put together to demonstrate the capabilities of a dashboarding application called Analyzer, which has been produced by Strategy Companion. These KPIs are mostly sales and finance based, and this dashboard makes use of a number of types of charts and graphs. A scorecard is located at the … Read more

Inet’s Airline Tracking Dashboard

The Airline Tracking Dashboard from Inet is a simple yet highly useful dashboard. It has been designed to allow users to view delays to aircraft anywhere within the US, and to then acquire additional information on these delays. As can be seen below, Inet’s Airline Tracking Dashboard features a map of the United States as … Read more

The Geowise Health Care Analysis Dashboard

Geowise have developed a dashboard for the Arizona Department of Health Services. This dashboard analysis various statistics pertaining to cases of cancer throughout the state, and provides geographical information about the development of this disease amongst the population. As with the majority of geographical dashboards, this dashboard is dominated by a map of Arizona. Here … Read more

Mobile App Dashboard on the US Economy from Lancet

Mobile apps are becoming more and more sophisticated and detailed all the time. It is now becoming possible to access high quality dashboards with full functionality on mobile phones, specifically iPhones and android-based hand sets, and of course iPads. Here, we look at a dashboard that has been designed by Lancet for iPad users, which … Read more

Dundas Website Operations Dashboard

The Website Operations Dashboard has been put together to display the various statistics and figures associated with an active website. Again the aim of this dashboard is to compile essential information in a clear and easy-to-read format, while also including all important data. The primary chart on this dashboard illustrates individual visitors to the site … Read more

Tableau Software’s Public Technology Equities Dashboard

The Public Technology Equities Dashboard is designed to track trading in technological stock. It compiles the data from various technology companies and displays them in a clear and easy to interpret format. In this example we will look at the Volumes and Volatility section of this dashboard. This dashboard features only a single chart – … Read more

Project Management Dashboard from Benchmark Business Intelligence

The Project Management Dashboard from Benchmark Business Intelligence is an impressive and attractive dashboard that has an efficient and well organised layout. It allows project managers to view ongoing projects from throughout an organisation in a clear and interactive format. When the dashboard is initialised, users are greeted with a list of ongoing projects. Selecting … Read more