BMC Dashboard | Monitor Everything through Dashboards


The idea of using Dashboards to monitor everything in your enterprise seems little farfetched but is perfectly possible if the focus is narrowed down to what “everything” is made of.

A typical corporation runs on multiple wheels like emails, web-server, databases, ERP, CRM, help desk etc

Is it possible to monitor atleast the overall health for all the IT wheels?

One such open source project which lets you define services to monitor your network etc is OPEN NMS

Using OpenNMS, one can define what to monitor and collect statistics in a database. You can collect statistics from all your systems and report them off a common repository such as a database table or directly from OpenNMS

The above is a pre-built dashboard from BMC which accomplishes the same job

  • Monitor incidents, problems, and changes correlated by business services
  • Understand the overall heath of a service,including impact, performance and availability
  • View average elapsed time to achieve incident resolution or circumvention, split by priority and service type
  • Monitor the percentage of incidents handled within agreed-upon service level response time
  • Manage and evaluate the total number of changes implemented over a period in time by their associated business reason
  • Track the total number of changes for the selected service, broken down by priority or status

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