Building Dashboard | University of Vermont Resource consumption dashboard

If you are not lazy visit this link right now and see for yourself

This is an excellent example of an University carrying (hate to say monitoring in this context) about the resource consumption. It monitors Electricity, Gas,Weather,Cooling etc. And there is something also known as Green Roof monitoring (read further down)

Electricity Consumption


Steam Consumption


Natural Gas Consumption


What is Green Roof

As per the website here is the description

“Compare the microclimates of the conventional roof on top of the building with the green roof above the loading dock. The vegetated roof is designed to absorb stormwater. Sunlight and stormwater nutrients nourish the plants and allow them to control the microclimate of the green roof.”

The 18,000 square foot green roof over the loading dock is planted with 11,900 square feet of a variety of drought-resistant grasses.

The green roof is designed to absorb and hold moisture. The grasses on the vegetated portion of the roof recycle nutrients from the stormwater absorbed by the roof. Without the green roof, this stormwater would run off and carry salts and dissolved chemical nutrients into Lake Champlain, polluting it and contributing to unwanted algae blooms.

The green roof also helps to control temperature. The grasses convert sunlight into chemical energy through photosynthesis. Since the solar energy is being used by the vegetation, less waste heat accumulates in the surrounding space. When sunlight is absorbed by the slate on the slanted portions and the rubber membrane on the flat portions of the converntional roof, all of it is converted to thermal energy, which heats up the surrounding environment.


Weather Chart