Business Intelligence Ltd. Dashboard from Dashports

This is a highly detailed professional business intelligence solution. It draws information from a range of real time data sources, to provide a live and up-to-date dashboard with a number of charts and features. This dashboard is so detailed that it has been divided into a number of sections, all of which can be accessed through a straightforward menu that also has a number of submenus.

The main menu has five subsections – Donors, Finance, Outlets, Fundraising and Marketing Monitor. Each of these categories then has a number of subcategories, each of which provides a dashboard of up to five charts. The ‘Donors’ section is divided into ‘MTD Activities’ and ‘YTD Activities’, and these sections are then divided into a further three subdivisions. Once one of these options have been selected, an array of charts is provided with detailed and relevant information.

The same applies for each of the categories on the main menu. There are generally three layers to each category on the menu, and each final choice results in a selection of six charts. This provides a complete overview of every aspect of the operation, and allows for easy comparison and direct analysis. The Business Intelligence Ltd. Dashboard can be accessed here. Further information on dashboards and business intelligence solutions such as these are also available from Dashports.