Calendar Dashboard for Sales Executives from Extended Results

Executives of any kind need to be skilled in time management. Organizing and keeping track of meetings and projects is a full time job in itself. Now, Extended Results have designed a calendar dashboard that can help executives to keep track of their schedule. It also allows them to monitor the progress of various projects using a combination of charts and tables. As you can see from the picture below, the Extended Results dashboard focuses mainly on meetings. This is a PowerPivot dashboard using Excel and an SQL database.

This dashboard has a slightly unusual layout, in that the control panel is situated on the left hand side of the page as opposed to the right hand side as is standard. Here users can select the user, categ0ry and time frame. The various categories allow users to choose between their Personal and Professional schedules. They can also choose between future and past layouts, and the time, date and range. In the centre of the dashboard two pie charts are dedicated to past and future meetings. The various segments on the chart indicate which meetings are connected with each project. Next to these two charts there is a table providing various statistics about these meetings. Here users can see the total number of meetings in the given time period, the number of days they have spent out of the office etc.

Beneath the two pie charts, there is a stacked bar chart displaying a weekly schedule. Each day is represented by a single bar, which is divided up into various segments. These segments represent meetings and are colour coded by project. This dashboard is a very useful tool for busy professionals. It allows for greater efficiency and improved time management, and can help users keep track of their projects and expenses also. Further information and sample dashboards can be found on the Extended Results website.