Canada Election Dashboard 2011

Previously we looked at a dashboard designed to display results and data relating to the 2011 general election in the Republic of Ireland. This month an election was also held in Canada, providing us with another take on a political dashboard. This dashboard was created using Dundas software, and as such it has the graphics and display quality typical of this application.

The primary display of the Dundas Canada Election dashboard is divided into three regions. In the top left of the dashboard data relating to Seat Numbers is displayed. Here users can compare Seat Numbers by party both before and after the election. This data is conveyed using a horizontal bar chart. Each bar is identified by an image bearing the logo of each political party. A vertical black line is used to mark the previous seat numbers on each bar, and the exact figure is provided also. On the bottom half of the dashboard a map of Canada is provided. This map has been divided into regions, which are color coded according to the results of the election. If users mouse over the logo of any particular party the geographical map displays the results per region for that group.

On the upper right hand corner of the dashboard users can see the Popularity Trends for each party. This is a simple line chart, displaying percentage popularity during the course of the election for each party. Again mousing over a trend line will filter the results on the geographical map. Users can also view detailed results for each of the major cities. Once a city has been selected a color coded map of each district in the city in question is provided. It is also possible for users to filter the entire dashboard for results from both before and after the election.

Overall this is a good dashboard, but it does not have the same level of detail as that created for the Irish general election.

Canada Election Dashboard