Visualization on How the undergraduate tuition has increased over the years – Data Visualization – Analytics

Average undergraduate tuition and fees and room and board rates Read more at Visualization on How the undergraduate tuition has increased over the years

Venture Capital Investment Analytics on 20 years of investment data – Data Visualization – Analytics

We can see that Software industry was the largest receiver of VC investment back in 2000 and it has been gaining attention since 2009 as indicated by the widening mouth. Let us get more specific and see how has the investment pattern changed between the peak of 2000 and the current time 2014 Read more … Read more

SWING KPI Dashboard from Swiss Info Group

This dashboard has been created to display KPIs for a fictional data set, in order to demonstrate the capabilities of Swiss Info Group’s product. The dashboard can be set up to update daily and in real time. There are quite a few tabs included in this dashboard, covering most of the performance areas that would … Read more

Social Media Demographics Dashboard from Flowtown

This dashboard provides information on the user distributions of a number of social networking sites. Results are filtered by gender, age etc. The social networking sites included on display are Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Ning. The layout of this dashboard is quite self-explanatory. The centre is dominated by a graphic of … Read more

Zoho employ’s artists to create Dashboards?

Past couple of weeks has been very exciting for us with the release of our first WordPress Dashboard Plugin. Now let us get back to business of reviewing dashboards and we start with reviewing Zoho’s CRM Dashboard Zoho is a very exciting company to watch and there is lot of talk about whether Zoho is … Read more

Housing Dashboard | House Market Charts – Metrics | Visualcalc Housing Dashboard

Please see the commentary for a similar styled dashboard Just one additional suggestion: If you are going to use a bar chart that is so closely stacked to each other then it is best to use a line chart instead. It is easy on eyes and makes much sense. Charts 18 month home price index … Read more

Dashboard for University | College Dashboards | VisualCalc Education Dashboard

This dashboard follows the same style as discussed in this article so no more comments. Here are the Chart details College Degree Attainment Math Proficiency by State High School Degree proficiency Reading proficiency by state

Education Dashboard | Visualcalc Dashboards Sample | College – Student – Teacher – Salaries

  This is a sample dashboard from VisualCalc website. Vow! what a wonderful Educational related dashboard! Is that the reaction? Think before you react, check the charts and see if you can decipher any meaning out of it. Ok, so what is missing from this wonderful dashboard? Exactly, it has no legends. All charts in … Read more

EM7 – Bandwidht Dashboard -Enterprise -wide Bandwidth usage

Bandwidth Dashboard Highest Average Network The dark black color could had been avoided with more ligher shades for more pleasant looks. MPS vs Applications Enterprise -wide Bandhwidht usage,per hour MPs vs period (days | hours ) Highest Average Network usage per hour ,last 7 days MPS vs the program name.

Project Task Dashboard – CPI -SPI -Cost -Schedule Variance

Project Task Dashboard CPI /SPI Performance Summary Cost /Schedule variance Task Matrix The Dashboard looks simple and good ,I wished if the scaleing number on the edges to be more bigger enough to be visible and be black in color text. The Task Matrix looks quite ugly with the pink background .The Text in legend … Read more