Fresh and Frozen Fruit consumption – U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – Data Visualization – Analytics

individual breakdown by Quarterly expenditure on Fruits (figures in 100 million) Read more at Fresh and Frozen Fruit consumption – U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Venture Capital Investment Analytics on 20 years of investment data – Data Visualization – Analytics

We can see that Software industry was the largest receiver of VC investment back in 2000 and it has been gaining attention since 2009 as indicated by the widening mouth. Let us get more specific and see how has the investment pattern changed between the peak of 2000 and the current time 2014 Read more … Read more

VC Investment Data visualization and analytics

Using the data from and easy to use dashboard software we perform analytics on a huge dataset that spans 20 years of Venture capital investment data from 1995 onward. Having data that goes far into the history should give us enough to extract the necessary analytical juice out of it.   The year 2000 … Read more

Data Visualization Stories – Bailout money, Employee Analytics, Big Data Trends

See how the number of employees have increased/decreased over the years at the big tech companies and how the revenue profit numbers correlate Checkout the meteoric rise of employee strength at Amazon, Apple, Oracle and Google (some big spikes) Big Data Trends : Which of the terms Hadoop, Business Intelligence or dashboards is in topping … Read more

Tableau Alternative : Data Visualization and Adhoc Analytics

Having worked with so many Business Intelligence and Data visualization tools, the innovation engine in this field is certainly cranked up. Earlier it used to be called adhoc reporting. Later with the entry of Qlikview and Tableau a new category of Data Visualization was introduced in the world of Business Intelligence. Now every vendor offers … Read more