The Oracle Design Guidelines – Page Elements

Aspects of dashboard layouts which are often overlooked are headers and footers. This is of course understandable, as the most eye-catching features of any dashboard will be placed in the center. Most users will go straight to the charts and tables, and while they will usually notice the header at some point the footer largely … Read more

The Oracle Design Guidelines – Dashboard Layouts

When following the Oracle Design Guidelines, users will find very detailed information pertaining to dashboard layouts. There are those who may think that the layout of a dashboard is a very straightforward matter, which does not require much thought. However inexperienced dashboard designers who adopt this attitude will often end up with dashboards that appear … Read more

The Oracle Design Process – How to Use Patterns

As has been discussed in this series of posts on online support for Oracle BI applications, there are a considerable number of preset patterns available online through the Oracle site. Those who wish to create an effective and useful dashboard with Oracle can make use of these patterns to instantly set up the dashboard of … Read more

The Oracle Design Process – The Decision Table and Pattern Filter Tool

Users of Oracle BI applications are provided with an excellent online service to help them create and optimise their dashboards. Detailed advice and instructions are offered, in order to assist users in developing the most efficient and appropriate dashboards for their needs. As part of this service, a number of preset patterns are available online, … Read more

The Design Process: Selecting Patterns in Oracle

In the previous post we looked at how the layout or pattern of a dashboard should be chosen, based on its target audience. If you are using an Oracle BI application, you will be able to access preset patterns for your dashboard through the Oracle website. In this post we will take you through the … Read more

dMine HR Demographic Dashboard

dMine produce a dashboarding application which is highly efficient and which creates exceptional dashboards. Below is an example of one such creation, which is designed to combine the best aspects of business intelligence software in an attractive and practical layout. This dashboard focusses on HR related topics, with demographic breakdowns of various categories within the … Read more

KPI Dashboard from Verax

The KPI dashboard from Verax is an entire package that is designed to generate business intelligence reports with an emphasis on Key Performance Indicators. This is a very straightforward approach to dashboarding, which is also useful to the majority of users. The package itself is available for purchase from the developers, who have also created … Read more

Adventure Works Financial Dashboard from Dundas

This is an example of a financial dashboard that has been developed by Dundas for a fictitious company named Adventure Works. This company specialises in cycling equipment and clothing, and its financial dashboard has been designed to provide a highly detailed breakdown of its day-to-day operations. This dashboard has a number of tabs, providing a … Read more

Attensity Las Vegas Hotel Performance Dashboard

The Las Vegas Hotel Performance Dashboard from Attensity is designed to showcase the business intelligence software developed by this group. This software is employed by a number of well known and hugely successful companies, including Siemens, Travelodge, Citigroup and Whirlpool. The Las Vegas Hotel Performance Dashboard is designed to perform competitive analysis. It directly compares … Read more

Retail Sales Dashboard by Corda Technologies Inc

Corda Technologies are business intelligence specialists, who have produced a range of sample dashboards to demonstrate the capabilities of their products. Below you can see just one of them, their retail sales dashboard. This is a live dashboard that is fully interactive and comes complete with filtering and drill down features. Upon first encountering this … Read more