Xtraction Dashboard using CA Siteminder data

Xtraction offer a fast and effective method of designing dashboards, using simple drag and drop features. In order to demonstrate the efficacy of their approach, and the range of options available using their software, they have created the dashboard shown below. Using data from the CA Siteminder environment, this dashboard has been designed to contain … Read more

Performance Dashboard from Visual Mining

In order to demonstrate the capabilities of their NetCharts application, Visual Mining have put together a sample Performance Dashboard, pictured below. The Perfomance Dashboard demonstrates a number of features of this business intelligence tool. All of the charts have been created by drawing on a standard Excel document. However these dashboards can accept data from … Read more

Panopticon Fund of Funds Dashboard

Panopticon provide a range of business intelligence solutions, with dashboards that are centered mostly on treemaps, scatterplots and heatmaps, but also using standard charts such as line graphs. The Fund of Funds dashboard monitors the behaviour of a selected group of funds, and charts their performance on a single screen. The use of treemaps allows … Read more

dMine Business Dashboard | How is your business?

dMine Business Dashboard is an entirely web-based application that helps you to create dashboards for sales, financial and operational data. The system offers a visual interpretation of business data, which is highly functional and has many features. The dMine Business Dashboard allows you to: create comprehensive reports that present their data in a graphical but … Read more

Sales and Marketing Dashboards

Dashboard Purpose: Sales and Marketing Departments can view these dash-boards using a web browser to evaluate revenue by product, geography, and division, as well as track sales opportunities by product, amount and time period. To drill down to transactional-level details and interact with these dash-boards, visit the online demo at http://bit.ly/NCPD-onlinedemo.         … Read more