Dashboard for Service level KPI

  List of KPI’s and Metrics for Service level Comparison. Service Level Utilization Cash Collected Idle time service level details sales Collections Service Idle time :The Energy level style of graph doesnt make any sense.8% of what ? ( keep guessing) Utilization : 87% of what ? ( incomplete information ) Service Level : 92 … Read more

Inventory Dashboard metrics- Crystall Ball 360

  Here is the list of KPIs/metrics on the dashboard Inventory Value Gross Adjustment rate Accuracy Rate Category Classification (funnel view) Quantity by Inventory Cateogyr   Tags: dashboards, inventory dashboard, inventory kpis, funnel charts dashboard, funnel chartquickbooks,peachtree,sugarcrm,small business

Dashboard for Sales Pipeline

KPIs Milestones (lead, opportunity,demonstration,prospec,negotiation,orders)     Tags: finance dashboard, sales, sales dashboard, sales pipeline dashboard

Good Heat Map Example

Source http://www.juiceanalytics.com/ If you compare the heat map to the previous bad example, you can clearly see the difference. The bad example stimulates yuck feeling in your Amygdala, whereas this example almost clicks your amagdyla forward   Tags: dashboards, heat map, heat map dashboards, heat chart, good heat map

Sales Dashboard Example – Bad colors

The use of colors is horrible. The dark blue gradient is un-necessary. The use of three dimensional (3-d) line chart on the first chart is over-kill. The Gross Margin % chart looks like a total mis-use of bar charts. This could be better represented by a simple line chart. I guess this is one of … Read more

Ugly Heat Map Dashboard

There is nothing much to comment about this dashboard except the obvious thing is the use of colors. The choice of colors is plain ugly and very tough on eyes. A softer shades of the same colors could deliver the same information with better aesthetics.

Pocket PC Dashboard

Here is a screenshot of a dashboard on a Pocket Pc submitted by one of our readers. From the screenshot it is not visible what the charts are for, no legends, no chart title

Travel and Entertainment Expense – Oracle Apps Dashboard

One of our users submitted this Oracle Apps Travel and Entertainment expense tracking dashboard. It is a pretty simplistic dashboard – no fancy graphics. It is specifically restricted for the Travel and Entertainment (T&E) categories. It has cost center as a drop down parameter. The number of parameters are minimal which is nice and very … Read more

Internal Communications Dashboard

Here is an interesting dashboard from “The lean Agency” The various KPI and Metrics on the dashboard are as follows Current Activities ( sending Newsletter, Town hall meetings etc) Key Message Understanding Sales YTD Productivity YTD Staff Turnover YTD Employee Engagement by country Most visited pages within company network (intranet) I think people assume that … Read more

Desktop Widget Sales pipeline Dashboard

  Here is another example of Desktop widget based dashboard. Sales Pipeline chart: This one is a stack bar chart with so many sections in the bar. I don’t know how the information can be deciphered by anybody other than the developer with so many bars stacked on together. And the colors are all shades … Read more