School – Student Dashboard – Bad – Good or OK?

This is a School dashboard showing various school related metrics Teacher Ethnicity Teacher Gender Students per grade Student Ethnic Analysis Now lets do a review of the design. Pie Charts – Since there are only two possible values in the pie chart it is OK but if you had to display a pie chart with … Read more

Sales logic Ranking Visual Analyzer dashboard

The use of colors on the horizontal bar chart does not make any sense. It breaks the fourth rule of using colors on dashboard charts There has to be some really good reason in order to use different colors for the same Data-set. Also the colors are not readily distinguishable, for e.g the second bar … Read more

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Dashboards are still Expensive

Leaving out the open source BI options like Pentaho, Dashboards are pretty expensive for the small business owners. Sticker shock There are many companies offering dashboard solutions, in addition to Corda, including iDashboard, Celequest and Netsuite, to name a few. The price of admission is still pretty steep for the small and mid-size business, however, … Read more

Sales Dashboard for Quickbooks Enterprise

The dashboard is pretty simple, just 3 graphs but you can do the analysis by the Top period parameter. Top 10 Customers, Top 10 Items and Top 10 Classes

Bad Dashboard Design

As Stephen Few points out in this critical analysis of an Oracle Dashboard, here are the points to remember. Don’t just throw your resources, assemble the data sources to put together a dashboard, Paint them in un-necessary 3-D graphics and Glassy gradients. Some quick analysis summary All of the graphs use 3D to encode 2-D … Read more

Repair Depot Dashboard Screenshot Example

Metrics on the dashboard 10 Top Salesmans 10 Top Customers Revenue ( % of Last/yr). It should clearly mentioned as a caption inlcuding the in the dial text that this revenue is % of last yr Customer Satisfaction Gross Revenue Inventory Profit Marketing Expenses There is no particular thought given to the aesthetics of the … Read more

Depot Repair Dashboard Example

This is a screenshot of Oracle DBI Depot Repair Dashboard The measurements and reports provide the most recent depot repair indicators and trends on repair order backlog, margin, completion, and time to repair. Open Repair Orders are analyzed for the commitment to promised date using past due age or days until promise date distributions. Repair … Read more

Sales Management Dashboard

Nice balance of colors and white space. The Plan Attainment, Percentange Change and Market share are shown as Dials and Guages taking up 1/6th of the screen real estate. The other KPI and Metrics are Monthly Sales Volume Payor Mix Wholesale channel activity

Field Servicing Dashboard KPI more

Mean Time to Resolve (Hours): The average number of hours taken to resolve service requests with at least one completed field service task of type break/fix. The system calculates this using the following formula: Mean Time to Resolve = Sum of Time to Resolve of service requests (with at least one completed or closed field … Read more