Google Dashboard: Create Dashboards and Charts using free API

The Google Chart API lets you dynamically generate charts. To see the Chart API in action, open up a browser window and copy the following URL into it:,40&chs=250×100&chl=Hello|World Press the Enter or Return key and – presto! – you should see the following image: By just manipulating the URL parameters you can create any … Read more

How does Dashboards help Small and midsize business?

How does implementing dashboards help a small or midsize company improve its bottom line? Here is an interview summary from What is the immediate benefit of dashboards to small business A company can take a corrective action within two days instead of 30. The Aberdeen Group did a study that found that leaders are substantially … Read more

Dashboard Design Fundamentals and Rules

Some simple and straight fundamental rules need to be followed while designing and developing a dashboard. In order for an executive dashboard to be most effective and useful for the user, its design must meet three fundamental requirements: Clarity Balance Appropriateness of focus (high-level decision-making and strategic visibility) Clarity Information on the dashboard charts has … Read more

Hospital Dashboard – Metrics and Scorecard for Hospital Managment Dashboards

The various KPIs are Total Admissions Patient Care Hours Average Length of Stay Total Discharge Unit Efficiency Service Provision The use of colors is on the darker side (background dashboard color) but overall its OK.

Dashboards for Babies – Cute Baby Dashboard

Now which parent has time and resources to track all these information for their baby? The babies look happier!

Emergency Incidents Dashboard

It is not a typical dashboard per-se but looks like an entry point into the application. Lot of people have different use and intepretations of dashboards.

Dashboard for Share broker – Trader Execution Dashboard

The above dashboard is for Forex dealers – brokers or traders. It shows the execution metrics Broker Reason Monthly Trade Count Average commision per trade Montly Execution trend Colors: The gradients are OK but use of soft or lighter shades of blue could make it more appealing. There is no good contrast for the chart … Read more

Dashboard for illegal cigarette sales

The application of Dashboards are unlimited as it is apparent by the above screenshot. Lack of graphs or charts does make it a complete or ideal dashboard candidate but who cares – whatever works! The above one shows the sales trend for each year by county. Looks like a custom design. With todays dashboarding tool … Read more

Dashboards : BI Desktop Widget Sales Pipeline

Dashboards widgets are going to be the future trend. The above is a nice example of the dashboard portlets right on the PC desktop screen. It is cool, but see lot of drawbacks. You can just have one view where as with a Dashboard inside the html or dashboard viewer you can have multiple pages … Read more

Help Desk Dashboard

dashboardsHelpDesk1220, originally uploaded by rajan_dashboard. This is a pretty dashboard for help desk personnel. The KPIs used as seen on the screenshot are Service Level Average Daily Time Average Call handling Time Resolution level It also has the detailed graph for Average call handling time. The use of Dials is pretty good and saves some … Read more