Share-this Dashboard

This is the dashboard screenshot from the share-this widget that you see at the bottom. Pretty simplistic PHP based dashboard. There are two data parameters. A dashboard should always have atleast few parameters to make it more generic and user friendly.

Dashboard for IT Service, help desk Management

Here is an example dashboard for IT service Management. It is a pretty basic dashboard but provides some very good information quickly. It has moderate use of graphics, 2 charts (Pie and Bar chart) and 2 tabular portlets

Google Finance Dashboard | Gadgets

This tab is a dashboard of financial gadgets which enables you to add, customize and share your Google Finance experience. But here’s what’s extra cool about these gadgets — they now have communication skills and can “talk” or “sync” with each other.                           … Read more

Management Dashboard

Dashboard for Management Executive Management Team Dashboard Most management dashboards succeed in providing information. But the exceptional ones succeed in “at a glance” part of it while maintaining the deep diving capabilities

Tree Dashboard-Marketing Overview- Finance overview-Products Overview-Supply chain

    Well This looks like more of a tree than any kind of Dashboard.Whats its place overe here? wondering The Contents are Home P.0 Marketing Overview Initiatives Finance overview Current Quarter Annual Forecast Budget Products Overview Branded Products Product focus co-Brand Products Co-Brand Product focus Supply chain Overview Re-stock and returns Inventory

Corporate Headquarters Dashboard -Financial Performance- Space summarry- MAC-Data Quality

  This Dashboard looks good for its Simplicity and Report like structure. The Dashboard has various columns like Measure Unit Actual Planned Variance Trend Rating Score Location Hierarchy is pretty good with its detailed tree structure.