Adventure Works Financial Dashboard from Dundas

This is an example of a financial dashboard that has been developed by Dundas for a fictitious company named Adventure Works. This company specialises in cycling equipment and clothing, and its financial dashboard has been designed to provide a highly detailed breakdown of its day-to-day operations. This dashboard has a number of tabs, providing a … Read more

Online Marketing Module from myDIALS

The Online Marketing Module is a dashboard that has been designed by myDIALS that helps website owners and online marketers to analyse the effectiveness of their advertising. In order to achieve this, that dashboard compiles data from Twitter, Facebook, Google Adwords and Google Analytics and presents them in an easily readable format. This dashboard displays … Read more

Google Adwords Performance Dashboard from Zoho Reports

These days just about everyone is trying to make some extra money on the internet, especially through blogging using Google Adwords. This means of advertising is also very useful for advertisers. However many people can find it difficult to keep track of the performance of their advertising campaign, when conducted in this manner. The Zoho … Read more

OrderMotion’s Live View Dashboard

The Live View dashboard from OrderMotion is a very specialised dashboard which is both striking and unique. It has been specially designed to display realtime information from eCommerce and Direct Response TV marketers. For those of us who are unfamiliar with this terminology, this refers to groups who conduct their business through infomercials and on … Read more

Data Visualization Sonatica Dashboard from Dundas

Dundas have created a data visulization demonstration dashboard for an imaginary company, which they named Sonatica. As this fictional company is in the business of selling audio tools, the dashboard has been laid out in such a way as to include data on sales, finance, marketing etc., along with a general overview of the company’s … Read more

Sales Dashboard from Fusion Charts

´╗┐The Sales Dashboard shown below from Fusion Charts is a good example of how business intelligence software can be used to create an effective and detailed representation of a business’ performance. This dashboard example is quite detailed, and has a number of charts distributed over four tabs. Initially the user is presented with a Summary … Read more

Performance Dashboard from Visual Mining

In order to demonstrate the capabilities of their NetCharts application, Visual Mining have put together a sample Performance Dashboard, pictured below. The Perfomance Dashboard demonstrates a number of features of this business intelligence tool. All of the charts have been created by drawing on a standard Excel document. However these dashboards can accept data from … Read more

Centigon Sales Performance Dashboard

The Centigon Sales Performance Dashboard is a business intelligence solution that helps to track the geographical location of sales. It integrates with Google Maps Premier, and GMaps Plugin, in order to pinpoint locations exactly. The GMapsPlugin is designed for Xcelsius, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design The Sales Performance Dashboard draws sales information … Read more

Uniclass Management Dashboard – Dynamic Web Based Management Dashboard to Monitor and Improve Your Business

The Uniclass Suite has been developed by Rocc Computers and is a collection of business intelligence software. The latest addition to this suite is the Uniclass Management Dashboard, a web based management and reporting system. The main features available with the Uniclass Management Dashboard are: Web based technology – This software provides you with full … Read more

Sales Management Dashboard

Sales Management Dashboard The Sales Management Dashboard includes information on pipeline, weighted pipeline, sales forecasts, and won and lost opportunities. Also included are booked orders and recognized revenue information. KPIs The KPI table on each dashboard displays the current period value of the KPI and the change over the comparison period. The change is a … Read more