3 Free Chart Libraries For Building Dashboards

There are a range of free Javascript charting applications that can be used to create dashboards. Below is a selection of five of the most common and most useful applications of this kind. ProtoChart ProtoChart is an opensource library that is based on Flot, Plotkit and Flotr libraries. It creates charts using Prototype and Canvas. … Read more

More Free Javascript Charting Engines

Continuing the series of free Javascript charting engines, we will look at Emprise Javascript Charts jQuery Google Charts Emprise Javascript Charts: Emprise JavaScript Charts is a desktop-based charting engine. There is a variety of licences available for this product, including a free option, and it has been tested to work on most browsers, including iPhone, … Read more

United States Patent Dashboard, by BonaVista Systems

The United States Patent and Trademark Office makes use of dashboards to keep track of performance within the agency. As this is a large organisation, it generates a considerable amount of data. Below is a sample of the current dashboard layout used by the agency, which has been created using BonaVista Systems software. As you … Read more

Technology Performance Dashboard from Dundas

This dashboard has been put together by Dundas as an example of their dashboard creation software. It examines several important KPIs for a number of different companies, and has an additional comment feature which allows the dashboard to be annotated by users. At the very top of the dashboard there are two drop down menus, … Read more

World Energy Dashboard from TIBCO

This dashboard has been put together by TIBCO to display data concerning global energy usage. It contains data for 65 countries, over a 40 year time period. The dashboard contains five tabs in total – Energy consumption by country, Energy consumption by country (relative), Oil production vs. Consumption,  CO2 vs Total energy and Data. The … Read more

RTÉ Irish Election Dashboard

A general election was held in the Republic of Ireland earlier this year. The National Broadcaster, RTÉ, provided a highly useful and extremely well laid out dashboard on their website, which was active throughout the counting period. As you can see below, the primary focus of the main page of this dashboard is a map … Read more

KPI Dashboard from Verax

The KPI dashboard from Verax is an entire package that is designed to generate business intelligence reports with an emphasis on Key Performance Indicators. This is a very straightforward approach to dashboarding, which is also useful to the majority of users. The package itself is available for purchase from the developers, who have also created … Read more

Sample Airline Dashboard from BonaVista

BonaVista Systems have a range of sample dashboards that they use to display the capabilities of their products. One such of these is the sample Airline Dashboard. This dashboard has been set up to provide an Executive overview of the KPIs of a large airline. It focuses on key aspects of the business’ operation, including … Read more

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Dashboard from Esri

Following the recent devastating earthquake in Japan, Esri have put together an excellent dashboard to map Social Media and traditional media updates pertaining to the disaster. The dashboard allows users to view the geographical origins of a range of news and social media posts. The Earthquake and Tsunami dashboard consists of a map of Japan, … Read more

Attensity Las Vegas Hotel Performance Dashboard

The Las Vegas Hotel Performance Dashboard from Attensity is designed to showcase the business intelligence software developed by this group. This software is employed by a number of well known and hugely successful companies, including Siemens, Travelodge, Citigroup and Whirlpool. The Las Vegas Hotel Performance Dashboard is designed to perform competitive analysis. It directly compares … Read more