AmerisourceBergen Pharmacy Performance Dashboard from Microstrategy

Amerisource Bergen are a pharmaceutical service company which is considered to be one of the largest in the world. Together with Microstrategy they have developed a dashboard that analyses all of the major aspects of a pharmacy’s performance. This dashboard has been made available to over 5,000 pharmacies worldwide, in order to help them better … Read more

Freshwater Crisis Dashboard from QlikView

Circle of Blue is a group consisting of journalists, scientists and other environmental experts which is dedicated to solving the global freshwater crisis. This group conducted a survey of fifteen countries in total, gathering data related to freshwater use along with social attitudes towards the issue of clean water. Once all of this data had … Read more

Australia Flooding Dashboard from Esri Australia

Esri Australia have compiled three dashboards to reflect the affects of the extensive flooding in the Brisbane area. Each of these dashboards focuses on a different aspect of the floods and the various media reports relating to them, but some are more effective than others. The dashboards include a Response Map, a Latest News Map, … Read more

Interactive Green Car Dashboard 2010 from InetSoft

The Interactive Green Car Dashboard, developed by InetSoft, is designed for those consumers and motorists who are concerned about the eco-friendliness of their vehicles. As with all products today there is a range of options available, and it usually difficult to determine which option is the most efficient, economical or best suited to the consumer’s … Read more

Google Health Dashboard

Google Health has undergone a recent overhaul, and there are some fundamental changes and improvements now in place. Redesigned Dashboard Personal Goals Feature Health Partners Integration Progress Journal Personalisation Redesigned Dashboard: A new dashboard layout that is simpler to understand and use is now available. This makes it easier to monitor your health data, and … Read more

Business Dashboard – Service Renewals Management

The Service Renewals Management dashboard shows information for renewals only, not for new business. Using the Service Renewals Management dashboard, service sales managers and executives can manage and track the effectiveness of the renewal process: • View renewal bookings performances for the period to date, including bookings to date and bookings that are forecasted in … Read more

Service Contracts Management Dashboard

Service contracts managers and executives can view service contracts booking status, both new business and renewals, expirations, cancellations, and terminations. They can also manage and track the effectiveness of the renewal process. Service contracts managers and executives can then analyze service contract trends, making long-term strategic decisions as well as short-term actions based on recently … Read more

Inbound Telephony Management Dashboard | Call Center Activity | Daily Business Intelligence

Following our previous DBI dashboard for Email Center Management , this is another DBI dashboard. The Inbound Telephony Management dashboard allows call center managers to get an overview of inbound telephony operations for different centers, classifications and dialed numbers. Familiar KPIs provide a snapshot of performance and the associated graphs provide detail on the trends … Read more

Email Center Management Dashboard | Daily Business Intelligence

This is a DBI Release 12 Dashboard for Email Center Mangement The Email Center Management dashboard presents interaction center managers with a comprehensive view of email volume activity and response performance This screenshot and description has been sent by Nilesh Jethwa of and He has sent this dashboard from his collection of dashboards … Read more

Vending Machine Dashboard

  A dashboard for Vending Machine that shows Soda Inventory and Temperature Status. This creative dashboard from Nimbus, monitors the inventory in their office soda machine. It provides real-time visibility necessary to address low inventory levels, and should the unit temperature begin to rise to a warning level a service person can be contacted before … Read more