Various methods of creating Digital Dashboards – Part 4

Read about the Type – 1 approach Type – 2 approach Type – 3 approach Type 4: This type defines the method of creating dashboard using Excel. The data and presentation is all part of the Excel file. This is the most popular approach as it is very easy and affordable to create dashboards. It … Read more

Various methods of creating Digital Dashboards – Part 3

Read about the Type 2 Approach Type 3: This category involves the use of some big vendor BI tool. These BI tools are quite comprehensive and come with tons of options to choose from. They provide ad-hoc reporting and easy dashboard creation options. Once installed and configured, there is often a need to define data … Read more

Various methods of creating Digital Dashboards – Part 2

This is a continuation of the Dashboard Creation Methods Type 2: This category involves the use of some Dashboard designing tool. You need to download and install the third party software and learn their basic steps in designing the dashboards. Most often the designing tools offer variety of connection methods to the various databases and … Read more

Various methods of creating Digital Dashboards – Part 1

Are you trying to build a Dashboard or a new Application? Three are three types of Dashboard Solutions Type 1: This category defines those tutorials where you built everything from scratch. You write your own SQL queries, database connection methods and create data files. Then you construct your own presentation layer by defining the html, … Read more

Field Service Management | KPIs and Dashboards for Field Service

Field Service Management involves a combination of some or all of the following: CRM applications, work order management, dispatch, wireless technology, and historical customer service data. Field Service Management (FSM), also known as Field Force Automation (FFA), is an attempt to optimize processes and information needed by companies who send technicians or staff “into the … Read more

Dashboard for Service level KPI

  List of KPI’s and Metrics for Service level Comparison. Service Level Utilization Cash Collected Idle time service level details sales Collections Service Idle time :The Energy level style of graph doesnt make any sense.8% of what ? ( keep guessing) Utilization : 87% of what ? ( incomplete information ) Service Level : 92 … Read more

Metrics for Supply Chain Dashboard

Supply Chain KPI Listing Inventory Value Value of on-hand, WIP, and in-transit inventory on as-of date (by inventory category) Lines Late to Promise Lines shipped after promised ship date Lines Late to Schedule Lines shipped after scheduled ship date Lines Shipped Number of sales orders lines shipped Manufacturing Cost Variance (Actual – Standard Cost) / … Read more

Performance Metrics and KPI for Service Contract

Service Contracts KPI Listing Period Service Renewals Value Value of renewal contract lines that start in selected period Service Booked to Renewal Ratio Booked Value / Renewals Value (ratio of service renewal contract lines booked to service renewals with a start date on or before as-of date) Service Contracts Activated New Business Value Value of … Read more

Service Contract KPIs and Metrics

Service Contracts KPI Listing Beginning Active Service Contracts Value of active service contract lines at the beginning of selected period. Current Active Service Contracts Value of active service contract lines on the selected date Period Service Renewal Rate Period Service Renewals Booked Value / Period Service Renewals Value Period Service Renewal Uplift Sum of renewed … Read more

Service Dashboard Metrics and KPI

Service KPI Listing Repair Order Mean Time to Repair The average number of days required to repair the Item Repair Order Past Due Percent The percent of Past Due Repair Orders to total number of open Repair Orders Service Request Backlog Open service requests Service Request Close Time The average time to close (in days) … Read more