Centigon Sales Performance Dashboard

The Centigon Sales Performance Dashboard is a business intelligence solution that helps to track the geographical location of sales. It integrates with Google Maps Premier, and GMaps Plugin, in order to pinpoint locations exactly. The GMapsPlugin is designed for Xcelsius, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design The Sales Performance Dashboard draws sales information … Read more

Performance Dashboard – Shipping Management Dashboards and KPI

The Shipping Management dashboard shows data for shippable items only, from a shipping and operations perspective. Because the intent of this dashboard is to show the performance of your shipping processes, both internal and external orders are included in the Shipping Management reports. Use the Shipping Management dashboard to monitor your warehouse operations, including the … Read more

Transportation Management Dashboard

The Transportation Management dashboard groups and presents information about an organization’s logistics operations in terms of the movement of freight. The dashboard provides information on freight costs, arrival performance, carrier billing, and freight cost recovery and variance. With this information, transportation managers can understand transportation performance as of any date and track trends over time. … Read more

Fuel Gauge Dashboard using Excel Web Query

How to create Dashboards using Excel Web Query? First, what is Excel Web Query? An Excel Web query allows you to bring data from a Web site into an Excel worksheet. It will find any tables on the Web page and let you select the ones containing data you want to put into your worksheet, … Read more

Airport Dashboard and Metrics- Microstrategy

Some of the important Airport related metrics that a typical dashboard should monitor are listed below Aircraft landing fee: The fee charged by the airport as landing fee per aircraft. Operating expenses: These are the costs incurred on the staff, repairs and maintenance, services per work load unit (1 work load unit= 1 passenger). Number … Read more

California Department of Transportation Dashboard

This is one cool dashboard from Microstrategy based on data from California Department of Transportation. The dashboard has a video section (top right square) which is quite engaging. On the very left there are city names that zoom in and out based on your mouse pointer. They are used as a filter on the charts … Read more

Dashboards that help lower your Car insurance?

This is an amazing piece of technology. It is a box known as Coverbox that can be installed in your car. Once installed it collects information about your driving patterns, fuel consumption and mileage. The best thing is all of this data help determine your insurance rates. You also get to analyze how to improve … Read more

Various methods of creating Digital Dashboards – Part 4

Read about the Type – 1 approach Type – 2 approach Type – 3 approach Type 4: This type defines the method of creating dashboard using Excel. The data and presentation is all part of the Excel file. This is the most popular approach as it is very easy and affordable to create dashboards. It … Read more

Various methods of creating Digital Dashboards – Part 3

Read about the Type 2 Approach Type 3: This category involves the use of some big vendor BI tool. These BI tools are quite comprehensive and come with tons of options to choose from. They provide ad-hoc reporting and easy dashboard creation options. Once installed and configured, there is often a need to define data … Read more

Various methods of creating Digital Dashboards – Part 2

This is a continuation of the Dashboard Creation Methods Type 2: This category involves the use of some Dashboard designing tool. You need to download and install the third party software and learn their basic steps in designing the dashboards. Most often the designing tools offer variety of connection methods to the various databases and … Read more