Various methods of creating Digital Dashboards – Part 1

Are you trying to build a Dashboard or a new Application? Three are three types of Dashboard Solutions Type 1: This category defines those tutorials where you built everything from scratch. You write your own SQL queries, database connection methods and create data files. Then you construct your own presentation layer by defining the html, … Read more

Desktop Widget Sales pipeline Dashboard

  Here is another example of Desktop widget based dashboard. Sales Pipeline chart: This one is a stack bar chart with so many sections in the bar. I don’t know how the information can be deciphered by anybody other than the developer with so many bars stacked on together. And the colors are all shades … Read more

Financial KPI for Dashboards – 1

Financials KPI Listing % Available Percent available of total funds based on budgetary control option % of Budget Expenses as a percent of budget % of Forecast Expenses as percent of forecast Actuals Actual expense amount Available Amount of funds available based on budgetary control option Average Days Delinquent Average Days Delinquent in Receivables Management … Read more

Dashboards : BI Desktop Widget Sales Pipeline

Dashboards widgets are going to be the future trend. The above is a nice example of the dashboard portlets right on the PC desktop screen. It is cool, but see lot of drawbacks. You can just have one view where as with a Dashboard inside the html or dashboard viewer you can have multiple pages … Read more

Google Finance Dashboard | Gadgets

This tab is a dashboard of financial gadgets which enables you to add, customize and share your Google Finance experience. But here’s what’s extra cool about these gadgets — they now have communication skills and can “talk” or “sync” with each other.                           … Read more

Net Dashboard | Web Dashboards

Net Monitoring Dashboard Dashboard for Network

software dashboard

Software for building Dashboard the easy way.

Dashboard software review

Software for Dashboard Free Dashboard Software

business dashboard

business dashboard

performance measurement

performance measurement