Centigon Sales Dashboard using GMaps Plugin

This sales dashboard is centered around a Google Maps Plugin. It provides information on the geographic distribution of sales for a large company. As can be seen in the picture below the dashboard is dominated by a horizontal bar chart and by a map of the world. This map is generated by Google Maps and has full functionality.

Users of this dashboard have the option to view sales based on Current Month to Date or Current Quarter to Date. Either option can be selected at the top right hand corner of the dashboard. The horizontal bar chart on the left hand side of the dashboard can also be filtered. If the ‘Region’ option is selected, Net Sales by region are displayed. This chart has been set up to sort the results in descending order. Mousing over a particular bar gives the precise sales figure, and clicking on it will bring the region up on the map on the other side of the dashboard. Beneath the map there is another selection of simple charts which give more detailed information on the selected region. Gross Sales, Net Sales, Expenses, Discount and Profit are all represented. An excellent feature of this dashboard is that it will display predicted future sales based on current results. If the slider under the Gross Sales chart is moved, this causes the other charts in this part of the dashboard to adjust their figures accordingly.

As far as the map is concerned, users can mouse over specific countries to get more data on them. This gives a pie chart breaking down the Sales Divisions, as well as the Net Sales figure. If the left hand side section of the dashboard is altered to ‘Product’ view, a global sales breakdown by product is provided. This includes a pie chart displaying the Sales Divisions, and a horizontal bar chart giving sales by product figures. Overall this is an excellent dashboard. A considerable amount of data is provided efficiently and concisely.