Cisco Energy Dashboard | Home Energy Management

Cisco Home Energy Controller Dashboard, is for residential use and comes in the form of a display with an LCD touchscreen. This dashboard allows users to view how much energy is being used in their homes, where it is going, and how much it is costing them in real time.

The idea is that access to this data will encourage people to change their energy consumption behavior.

But there’s an interactive component too. The Controller will allow users to set energy rules and schedules for their households. For example, you could request that your refrigerator only make ice, or your plug-in vehicle only start to charge during off-peak hours when energy is at its cheapest. if you have a programmable thermostat, you could toggle it to turn the heat down late at night when everyone is in bed anyway.

The key to the whole operations is the “Smart Thermostats”

The Home Energy Controller is designed to draw data from, and interact with smart thermostats, most smart appliances and water heaters, and wall sockets where wireless communication devices have been installed. To do this, it taps into a range of wireless protocols.

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