College and Universities under pressure to build Dashboards

Dashboard Fever has caught on with Colleges and Universities

As pressure has built on colleges and universities to prove their performance to increasingly questioning external audiences, many institutions have realized that they must start by better understanding their own strengths and weaknesses.

Several sessions at this year’s meeting revolved around efforts on various campuses to bring together in one place reams of data that are often housed in different places and viewed independently; they had titles such as “Workforce and Employee Engagement: Strategies, Approaches and Metrics for Higher Education Institutions” and “HR Measurement in a Community College Environment.”

Performance Measurement is key to improving your bottom line, it doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner, mid size company, CEO of large Enterprise software company or school/university.

And Dashboards are perfect with respect to presentation and User Interface is concerned.

Here are some related school dashboards

School Summary Dashboard | Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Metrics
Dallas Independent School District Dashboard | Principal’s dashboard … The school dashboard measures important metrics against set Goals …

Dallas Independent School District Dashboard | Principal’s dashboard