Credit Card Dashboard from Sisense

Dashboards that help you track your credit card expenses


This dashboard is built using Prism from Sisense which is a DSV (Dashboard software vendor)

You can track the following details

  • Businesses paid the most to – This pivot table shows the businesses paid the most to altogether, and in how many transactions.
  • Most expensive single transactions – Unlike the previous Pivot, this one only takes single transactions into consideration.
  • Monthly gas expenses – This chart shows monthly expenses on fuel. You can also see average yearly expenses on gas below the chart.
  • Yearly analysis –
  • Spending or Saving? Whenever you choose a different month on the main chart, you get a green light if you are saving, a red light if spending, or a yellow light if neutral. How do you decide? The traffic light widget uses a measure that compares the selected month’s expenses to the average expenses of the last 12 months (relative to the selected month). If the spending is over 20% above the average, then it is red, if over 20% below, then its green, and if spendings are in-between the +/- 20% range, then its yellow.

Dashboards are no longer the limited to corporate boundaries.