Customer Support – Service Request Closure Summary KPI

Service Request Closure Summary
The Service Request Closure Summary uses the following
• Closed: Count of service requests that were closed during the specified period and
have not been reopened. If the service request is reopened in a future period, then
the period in which it was reported as closed will be retroactively adjusted. A service
request is counted as closed only once, for performance reasons. From here, you can
access the Service Request Closure Detail report.
• Mean Time to Close (Days): (Closure Date of Service Request – Incident Date of
Service Request)/Number of Service Requests Closed
Average time taken to close the service requests. Any service request can be
reopened after it is closed. In this case, the original closure will be ignored when
determining the closure cycle of the service request. Only the last time the service
request is closed will be considered.
• Time to Close Distribution: Mean time it took to close the service
requests, distributed among the aging buckets. For example, service requests that
took on average two days to close will be displayed in the 0-2 Days aging bucket.