Dashboard KPI for Product Life Cycle – 1

Product Lifecycle Management KPI Listing

Responses to marketing campaigns / events
Revenue per Lead
Revenue per lead (for leads generated from marketing activities)
Won Opportunity Amount
Value of opportunities generated from marketing activity and marked “won” in selected period
Active Service Contracts Balance
The value of active service contract lines on as-of date
BOM Levels
Number of bill of material levels
Booked Order Value (2)
Booked order value (by product category)
Change Order Cycle Time
Average days open for change orders closed in selected period
Cost of Goods Sold
Cost of Goods Sold (from cost management)
Inventory Value (2)
Inventory Value (by product category)
Manufacturing Steps
Number of routing steps
New Change Orders
Number of change orders created
New Service Requests
Service requests created (not including reopened requests)