Dashboards on the Move!

Dashboards and BI solutions are in focus, now more than ever before. Major corporations like Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and SAP make no secret of their advances and thrust in the fields of data mining and business intelligence solutions.

Days of just relying on weekly sales and collections are over and we have moved into business intelligence solutions with dashboards highlighting even the smallest of slips and deviations.

The fun in business begins here as corporate top management can keep track of every operation and their instances. A slip here or a miss there will surely get marked and cannot be easily concealed like in the case of several sheets of paper in a file.

Data mining and analysis has acquired new proportions and still keeps growing at immense speeds. And with users globally getting used to Internet access on the move through mobile computing devices, hand-held devices, smart phones and gadgets; access to BI from anywhere on the globe is commonplace.

Industry sources have been hinting towards a major growth in Business Intelligence. If one analyzes the latest developments connected with data mining and analytics, their spurt in growth cannot be missed.

Dashboards and Business Intelligence are finding usage and implementations in almost every trade, and can be as simple as dashboards in Microsoft Excel.