Dashboards will affect future Hospital Funding

In a recent press release,

Patients’ rating of the quality of their NHS care will affect hospitals’ and GPs’ funding in England

The rating of quality and other metrics is set to be displayed on huge TV displays streaming dashboards.

Information on service quality is also set to be displayed on “dashboards” in hospitals

Why Dashboards in Hospital TV Displays?

“This is about giving more clout to patients, more say to patients.

“By measuring quality across the service and publishing that information for the first time, both staff and patients can work together to make better informed choices about their care.”

Health Secretary Alan Johnson told the Commons: “We must have an unwavering, unrelenting focus on quality.”

And he said there was an aim to bring “clarity to quality” and streamline the “morass” of existing standards.

The KPIs to assess Quality of care is yet to be decided but similar example in a London A&E displays regularly updated details of how soon patients are seen, assessed and get test results and about patient satisfaction.

Information on the quality of a local hospital or GP practice’s care will also be available on the NHS Choices website, and on clinical “dashboards”.

One example of a Clinical dashboard


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