Customer Support KPI – Service Request Resolution and Closure Performance

Service Request Resolution and Closure Performance Use the Service Request Resolution and Closure Performance kpi/reports to monitor the efficiency of the customer support organization. You can find out how long it is taking the service organization to resolve and close service requests and determine whether performance is improving. The Resolution Performance metrics are a better … Read more

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Customer Support Management Metrics for Dashboard

The Service Request Activity & Backlog Trend KPI/report is similar to the Service Request Activity & Backlog , except that it displays the information over a period of time based on the date and Period parameters. Opened: The number of times service requests opened during the period and compares it with the data in the … Read more

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Service Request Activity | Customer Support KPI

Service Request Activity & Backlog The Service Request Activity & Backlog KPI is a summary of activity of service requests and movement in backlog during the period. The headings and calculations are as follows: • Beginning Backlog: Number of backlog service requests at the end of the previous sequential period. For example, in a Week … Read more

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Service Request Backlog | Customer support Management Dashboard KPIs

The purpose of the Customer Support Management KPIs is to provide quick access to the latest status of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for the customer support organization. This region summarizes information about the Service Request Backlog, Service Request Activity, and Service Request Resolution and Closure Performance reports. Service Request Backlog: It is the number … Read more

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Google Dashboard: Create Dashboards and Charts using free API

The Google Chart API lets you dynamically generate charts. To see the Chart API in action, open up a browser window and copy the following URL into it:,40&chs=250×100&chl=Hello|World Press the Enter or Return key and – presto! – you should see the following image: By just manipulating the URL parameters you can create any … Read more

How does Dashboards help Small and midsize business?

How does implementing dashboards help a small or midsize company improve its bottom line? Here is an interview summary from What is the immediate benefit of dashboards to small business A company can take a corrective action within two days instead of 30. The Aberdeen Group did a study that found that leaders are substantially … Read more

Dashboard Design Fundamentals and Rules

Some simple and straight fundamental rules need to be followed while designing and developing a dashboard. In order for an executive dashboard to be most effective and useful for the user, its design must meet three fundamental requirements: Clarity Balance Appropriateness of focus (high-level decision-making and strategic visibility) Clarity Information on the dashboard charts has … Read more

Use of Colors on Dashboard Charts and Graphs

Here is a very insightful article on the use of colors in Charts by Stephen Few. If you are a dashboard designer or developer then this is a must read. If your boss or manager for whom you develop dashbaords,reports or charts likes eye-candy stuff then please make him/her aware of the following rules. Here … Read more

Hospital Dashboard – Metrics and Scorecard for Hospital Managment Dashboards

The various KPIs are Total Admissions Patient Care Hours Average Length of Stay Total Discharge Unit Efficiency Service Provision The use of colors is on the darker side (background dashboard color) but overall its OK.