Data Visualization Sonatica Dashboard from Dundas

Dundas have created a data visulization demonstration dashboard for an imaginary company, which they named Sonatica. As this fictional company is in the business of selling audio tools, the dashboard has been laid out in such a way as to include data on sales, finance, marketing etc., along with a general overview of the company’s performance.

The Dundas data vizualisation product is designed in such a way as to offer rapid dashboard creation, with an easy-to-use interface and a high degree of customization. The Sonatica Dashboard includes a series of five tabs – General Overview, Marketing, Sales, Finance and Support. For each of these tabs the option exists to specify the time frame of the data query, and each tab features a selection of relevant charts in a variety of formats.

All data is inputted into the Sonatica dashboard using an SQL server. Each chart is generated using high definition techniques, and drill down, filtering and other features are available also. There is also a detailed support system, which is designed to assist those less comfortable with creating dashboards.

Dundas Dashboard Sonatica Dashboard