Datawatch Healthcare Dashboard

The Datawatch Healthcare dashboard is a complex and detailed example of the business intelligence solutions offered by Datawatch. All of the dashboards from Datawatch are Flash-based, and are fully interactive.

The Healthcare dashboard provides an overview of financial, operational and clinical performance of healthcare providers. There is a large volume of data contained within this dashboard layout, which features numerous charts and tables. While this amount of information may have made the dashboard seem cluttered, a simple colour scheme and a well-organised layout mean that the dashboard remains functional.

There is a distinct focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in this healthcare dashboard, with specific attention being given to Bill Lag, Hospital Occupancy and Overtime payments. The most commonly used chart is the standard bar chart, which is used to represent data pertaining to Hospital Aging, a McKesson ATB Aging Summary chart and an Occupancy Trend chart, and a Hospital Bill Lag Category Summary. The dashboard also includes two horizontal bar charts, which display Hospital Payers and a McKesson Occupancy Percentage chart.

A single line chart is used to show MTD Revenue by Department. As this would typically contain a lot of information this chart is limited to the top twenty results only. Finally a table is included at the bottom of the dashboard which lists Monthly Overtime Payments by department. This dashboard has full drill down capabilities. It also makes use of filtering, which mean it can be adjusted to reflect various sets of data as required. In this way it can be used to generate ad hoc reports which are essential for effective management and analysis.

Healthcare Performance Dashboard