Depot Repair Management KPI for Dashboard

Depot Repair Management Dashboard/KPI

KPI Definitions
Repair Order Backlog: The number of open repair orders for the period, regardless
of when they were created. Repair Order Status options are Open, Hold, or Draft.

• Past Due %: (Past Due/Repair Order Backlog) * 100

The percentage of past due repair orders to the total number of open repair orders
(Repair Order Backlog). A repair order is past due if it is still open and the Date
parameter is greater than the promise date (calendar day) on the repair order.

• Repair Order Margin: [(Charge for the repair – Cost of the repair) / (Charge for
the repair)] x 100

• Completed Repair Orders: Repair orders that were closed during the selected

• Late Completions %: The percentage of repair orders completed late to the total
repair orders completed in the period. A repair order is late if the close date is
greater than (after) the promise date.

• Mean Time To Repair (Days): For period-to-date closed repair orders, the average
of the sum of the number of days it took to close the repair orders. Time to repair is
calculated as Current Shipped Date – First Received Date. Data is given in calendar