dMine Business Dashboard | How is your business?

dMine Business Dashboard is an entirely web-based application that helps you to create dashboards for sales, financial and operational data. The system offers a visual interpretation of business data, which is highly functional and has many features.

The dMine Business Dashboard allows you to:

  • create comprehensive reports that present their data in a graphical but also analytical way.
  • have Real Time data updates, with Real Time analysis, with a range of display options, output formats and export options including PPT and PDF.
  • this system will also integrate data from a variety of different systems onto a single dashboard or chart.
  • you can also instruct the dMine Business Dashboard to email a particular dashboard at a certain time or day of the week.
  • the dMine Business Dashboard is a RIA (Rich Internet Application), so although it is completely web-based it functions like a desktop installation.