dMine HR Demographic Dashboard

dMine produce a dashboarding application which is highly efficient and which creates exceptional dashboards. Below is an example of one such creation, which is designed to combine the best aspects of business intelligence software in an attractive and practical layout.

This dashboard focusses on HR related topics, with demographic breakdowns of various categories within the workforce. There are three tabs to this dashboard, providing three different overviews on this data. Users can switch between the Demographic Dashboard, the HR dashboard and the Special Watch dashboard, by simply selecting the various tabs from the menu on the left or at the top of the page.

As can be seen from the image below, this dashboard has very high quality charts with both three dimensional and two dimensional layouts. There is also a highly variable colour spectrum, which adds to the overall visual attractiveness of this dashboard. The Demographic dashboard makes use of a number of different charts, including a horizontal bar chart, a stacked pie chart and a three dimensional stacked doughnut layout. There is also a gauge chart, which is the most questionable aspect of the dashboard design.

The charts in this dashboard look at Attrition, Average Pay, the Average Age of Employees and Pay Ratio by Performance. The Attrition chart shows department wise attrition over a yearly period, and this data is displayed in a stacked pie chart. The Average Pay chart is quite similar to the Attrition display, but makes use of a doughnut shaped layout. This gives a comparative overview of monthly pay throughout the year. This chart may not be the best choice for this particular data set, as a simple trend line would probably be more effective and easier to interpret.

The gauge chart is the graphic assigned to represent the Average Age of Employees. This chart takes up fully one quarter of the dashboard to tell the user that the average age is approximately 35. This is a very limited design, which is neither effective nor efficient. Just about any other chart would be more useful here, and could provide a considerable amount of information on the average employee age. Another point that is worth mentioning in passing is that the three categories on this gauge chart are labelled “Young”, “Middle Aged” and “Over Aged”, which is highly offensive to anyone in the latter category (here deemed to be 40+).

Finally there is a Pay Ratio by Performance chart, which is laid out as a horizontal bar chart. This provides the relevant information in a clear and concise manner. Clearly this dashboard is flawed in many ways, but the system that it showcases is still impressive, relevant and useful.

dMine HR Demographic Dashboard