Dundas Website Operations Dashboard

The Website Operations Dashboard has been put together to display the various statistics and figures associated with an active website. Again the aim of this dashboard is to compile essential information in a clear and easy-to-read format, while also including all important data.

The primary chart on this dashboard illustrates individual visitors to the site for each day of a given week. This is a column chart, which also allows for easy comparison with previous figures. There is a wide range of additional charts included in this dashboard, providing various statistics relating to the performance of the website. Unique Visitors by Day of the Week Performance are displayed using horizontal bar charts and sparklines.

A table is also included in this dashboard demonstrating Google keyword search rankings and comparing them so previous statistics. A neat summary is provided at the side of the table using coloured arrows to indicate the extent of changes. Similar tables are set up to compare previous and current data on stats such as Bounce Rate, Average Time on the /Site, Percentage of New Visitors, etc. This is an effective dashboard, but it’s layout is slightly intimidating and confusing in places.