Excel Dashboards

When it comes to building dashboards, there are two options that come to mind that are both excellent and economical.

Pre-Built Excel Templates for Dashboarding

Excel Dashboards

You can get these excel dashboard templates and start using them.

2nd Option

Build your own Dashboards using Excel as Data source

With the new Visual Query Builder . Watch this Video on How to build dashboard

Business Dashboard


With this option,

  • you can treat the complete Excel File as a SQL database.
  • Each worksheet in the excel file is treated as a database table.
  • You can query either single excel file or join multiple excel files and create a big SQL query
  • You can create drop down parameters from the Excel file columns
  • Merge information from different Excel Files into same dashboard
  • Merge information from other Database such as Microsoft Access (*.mdf) files into the same dashboard containing the Excel data
  • Publish the Excel dashboard so that it can be accessed from a central file server or webserver (link)


Here is a sample dashboard based on Excel file as Data source



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