Expense Management Dashboard

Expense Management dashboard provides daily information about operating expenses to the Cost Center Manager. Managers can also view information such as expenses per
employee, travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses, and the top 10 spenders. This is a complimentary dashboard to the Expense Analysis




Headcount and Expenses Trend
The Headcount and Expenses Trend enables managers to analyze trends in
headcount and operating expenditures in the same context. This perspective helps
managers determine whether changes in operating expenses are consistent with changes in the number of an organization’s employees.
You can use this to answer business questions such as:
• Do changes in expenses lead, lag, or track with changes in headcount?
• Are changes in expenses significantly more volatile than changes in headcount?

Expenses per Head
The Expenses per Head shows current expenses per employee by manager, current
headcount, and current amount.
You can use this to answer business questions such as:
• How does average per employee expense compare for my directs?
By drilling down from the Expenses per Head report into the underlying report, you
can view more detailed expenses per head information. The detailed report that you
can drill to is:
• Expenses per Head by Manager: Shows average expenses per employee for the
manager selected

T&E Expenses
The T&E Expenses displays travel and entertainment expenses

You can use this report to answer business questions such as:
• How much are employees spending on Travel and Entertainment?

Top 10 Spenders
The Top 10 Spenders report enables managers to analyze employee expense reports
charged to the manager’s cost center and helps to identify potential corporate policy
violators. The Top 10 Spenders report displays expenses reported of up to ten employees, ranked by total expenses per employee, who incurred expenses in the department of the manager selected.

The employees included in a Top 10 Spenders report must report directly or indirectly to the manager chosen in the parameter, for inclusion in that manager’s Top 10 Spenders list.

You can use this report to answer business questions such as:
• Which employees are my top spenders?
• Are the top spenders violating any corporate policy?