Face Off between Dashboard and Business Intelligence Vendors

This is just a fun experiment. A friendly face off between all the BI vendors.

All the business intelligence vendors out there are trying to help companies uncover hidden truth from their business data, right?

So in this experiment we turn the tables and try to analyze the front page of these vendor’s website. We will run text analytics on their website front page and try to uncover patterns and messages that these vendors are trying to send out.

The process that we will employ is to take their text content and run it through a word cloud builder like bubble visualizer, a service that creates a word bubble cloud.

The list of BI vendors that we have accumulated are below and you can find the individual visualizations by clicking on the image links. The visualizations are live and the images below are a snapshot of visuals at the time this review was conducted so in the mean time if the vendor’s website undergoes changes the visualization will change as well.

In case of some big boy vendors such as SAP, Oracle and IBM we picked the web page that represented the starting point for all their BI tools.

Image SAP Bubble Visualization Image IBM Bubble Visualization Image Oracle Bubble Visualization
Image Microsoft Bubble Visualization Image Microstrategy Bubble Visualization Image Tableau Bubble Visualization
Image Pentaho Bubble Visualization Image Qlikview Bubble Visualization Image SAS Bubble Visualization
Image Jaspersoft Bubble Visualization Image Information Builders Bubble Visualization Image InfoCaptor Bubble Visualization
Image Logixml Bubble Cloud Image Gooddata Bubble cloud Image Sisense bubble cloud
Image VisualMining bubble Cloud Image Chartio bubble cloud Image Dundas bubble cloud
Image Tibco Spotfire bubble cloud


Here is the summary of word counts for each vendor



Looking at the above table you can see the top 3 words used by each vendor.




The above two charts (bar and bubble) show the number of words for each vendor. You can see that Jaspersoft using the most of characters on the web page.


Here is the link to all the words and the numbers


Hope you enjoyed the friendly feud between the BI vendors and the text analysis presented here.


NOTE: Microsoft’s page somehow did not render. Either it is blocking at the server or rendering using javascript.