Fogbugz Dashboard | Tableau Visual Analytics to monitor bugs

Previously we introduced reporting and dashboards for Bugzilla. Today we take a look at some reporting and dashboard solutions for one of the most popular Bugs Software, “Fogbugz

CaseDetective is one of the third party reporting software that helps you slice and dice your bugging database.


Similarly, you can slice and dice your Fogbugz data using Tableau software

In this “dog fooding tutorial” , Chris Stolte describes the process of creating a FogBugz dashboard.

Here are some highlights of the process

FogBugz Database Schema


How are Metrics decided upon?

Ans: By asking basic questions

What bugs are open against which release and assigned to whom?


The number of open (Active) bugs broken down by release, to whom the bug is assigned, and the bug priority. The developers are sorted in descending order by the number of bugs they have active.

A simple question and a simple answer – but immediately useful. I could pop this open each morning (as could the developers) and get an immediate sense of where we stood. By the way, I randomized and anonymized the data (can you guess the theme for the people’s names?).


Here is a full Dashboard view



Moral: Monitor your bugs using an excellent bugs software and monitor your bugs software through Dashboards

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