Free Dashboard service for startups and small business owners

You and I both know Business Intelligence software does not come cheap.

Even the cloud based solutions available in the market charge from 100 to 1000 dollars per month.

It is certainly a breath of fresh air when the small biz owner is provided the option of free dashboard and business intelligence solution and it is absolutely lovely when you don’t have to invest or spend time installing it.

InfoCaptor has announced the availability of its cloud based dashboard service absolutely free of cost

The service is available at

You can check out the live demo on the front page and also see all the beautiful sample dashboards.

The online dashboard comes with pre-integrated social media connectors so you can easily extract analytics from all your social media accounts.

It also allows you to connect to any database (currently only MySQL and Google Spreadsheet seems to be enabled but we hear that other databases are being tested out).

It is a perfect All-in-one dashboard for extracting intelligence out of your Databases or Social accounts.

InfoCaptor web dashboard comes with pre-built adapters for
+ Google Spreadsheet
+ Google Analytics
+ Google Pagespeed
+ Google Plus
+ Twitter
+ Facebook
+ Pagerank
+ Backlinks
+ Github
+ Alexa
+ Feedburner
+ Count Down
+ Simulation
+ HTTP Post Get
+ Direct Data Entry

Additionally, small biz owners can extract information from internal databases such as MySQL, Excel, Access, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server etc

InfoCaptor is designed for the small business owner and is absolutely free to use. It comes with quality dashboard widgets and charts. It also comes with sound alerts that can be played when there is change in data. The use of real Bells and Whistles makes dashboard more fun to use.

There are so many other cool features that make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. I have personally not seen such ease of use in any of the Big vendor dashboard solutions.

For e.g In Cognos, Business Objects or OBIEE can you do any of the following

  • Play a sound alert when any metric goes off?
  • Shake or dance the widgets to grab attention from the audience
  • Build a flowchart and let it come alive by feeding data source

All of this is possible with InfoCaptor Enterprise.

It is a beautiful piece of software and let’s you create amazing dashboards that will surely capture your user’s imagination.

Click here to build your dashboard

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